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Do you wish to have a green and lush lawn instantly? Instead of waiting for seed to germinate or dealing with bare dirt patches, try sod installation for instant results! Our crews are professional and have over 50 years combined experience.

Returning home from work has never been so exciting. Your yard will be transformed in just one day from exposed soil to a green, thick lawn you cannot wait to kick your shoes off and walk barefoot on.

Read on and gather knowledge about the various types of sods we can install for you. From Highland Sod to a variety of our own blended seed mixes, we will install a beautiful new lawn before you know it. We have three types of sods available: Kentucky Bluegrass, Turf-Type Tall Fescue and Salt-Tolerant Sod.

Learn More About Highland Sod

Highland sod, also called Highland Turf or Mineral Sod, has a seed blend that is bred to be suitable for the Minnesota conditions as long as it is well cared for from the very beginning. By growing our elite blend of premium Kentucky Bluegrasses in our rich farmland, we are allowing it to form a deeper root system, which allows the sod to hold a higher moisture content and has less risk for disease, in turn allowing the consumer to enjoy a thicker, greener, healthier turf. 

Highland Sod takes roughly 12 to 18 months to mature before it is ready to be harvested. During this period, it is repeatedly fertilized and maintained to ensure ample growth opportunity before it is harvested for the buyer. We strongly recommend Highland Sod for your home and high traffic areas.

This sod is available in 10 square foot rolls and these rolls are 2' wide by 5' long.

Get a Wide Variety of Our Customized Seed Blends

At Jirik Sod Farms we offer a variety of our own blended seed mixes. If you are spreading seed by hand, it is recommended that you use roughly 1 pound per 100 to 300 sq. ft. area. If you are using a spreader (hand or walk behind, please see the manufacture's recommendation due to varying types of spreaders), but it is suggested about 3 to 5 pounds per 1000 sq. ft. area. Call us to verify the quantity of seed on hand and pricing.
  • Jirik Sod Blend is an elite blend of Kentucky Bluegrasses that match the sod we harvest. This seed is recommended for you if you are looking to over seed our sod from years past, patch pet areas, winter kill, or just a great lush green yard. This seed, once mature, will be great for high traffic areas, such as pet traffic, kids playing areas and open full sun yards
  • Jirik Sunny Blend is a good all-purpose lawn or park mix. This seed contains a mixture of Kentucky Bluegrass, Creeping Red Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass. This seed blend is recommended for you if you are looking for faster establishment and a lower cost blend
  • Jirik Shade Blend is a great mix for shaded areas. This seed contains a mixture of Fescues and Ryegrass and is great to over seed our sod rolls with in shady areas but will instantly green
  • Jirik Contractor Blend is a great low-cost, all-purpose fast establishment blend. This blend contains a mixture of Kentucky Bluegrass, Creeping Red Fescue and several Ryegrasses and is great for ditches, hillsides, etc.
  • Jirik Perennial Rye Blend is 100% Ryegrass for quick germination. This seed is good for stabilizing slopes, adding to other varieties and is a great start up seed as it germinates very fast

Take a Look at the Other Sod Products We Offer

  • Straw blanket: We offer straw blanket rolls with netting available on one side or two sides depending on the needs of your project; there is approximately 100 yards per roll (900 sq. ft.), or are roughly 10' wide and 90' long
  • Sod stakes: Our sod stakes are custom made at the farm for durability, ensuring your sod will stay in place. Sold in the amount that suits your needs
  • Sod staples: Sod staples are available in 4'' or 6'' in length
  • Silt logs: Filled with shredded wood chips, these are great for erosion control along curb lines to prevent top-soil runoff into the street. We have these available in 20' in length
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